In Morocco, violence against women and girls is high prevalent and the victims are numerous. A large number of women even suffer from violence such as physical, psychological (like menace), sexual, economic or legal violence.

Recently, there have been advancements in the field of human rights in Morocco in terms of several international conventions that were signed by the government and national laws that were aligned with international pacts and standards. Unfortunately, the Moroccan government has yet to establish a specific law in opposition to violence against women.

By working in the field of advocacy aiming to influence the national and local authorities and by carrying out the daily activities with underprivileged women, the AEDF ensures violence prevention and sensitizes the women to the dangers and hardships they may encounter.

The general objectives of El Amane are:

  • Improve the situation of the Moroccan woman and integrate her in the economic and social development
  • Ensure access to legal, medical, social, economic and cultural resources
  • Collaborate with other key actors of the civil society that advocate for women’s rights
  • Sensitize the population to the importance of women’s rights and gender equality


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 Activities and Approach ofEl Amane


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