One of the main activities of El Amane is women’s rights advocacy on a political level. The AEDF is part of a national network of associations fighting for legal advancements in the field of women’s rights in Morocco by putting pressure on decision makers and key actors in society and politics.

The network tries to establish a legal framework for protection of women against violence, which is sadly still a frequent issue in the Moroccan society. The numbers of violence against women are alarming and the existing laws are not sufficient in order to protect women from harm. The number of female victims is countless.The most notable case of a woman being killed or committing suicide following a traumatic experience of violence is the victim, Amina Filali from Larache, Morocco.

The AEDF, like other women’s associations, firmly condemns all kinds of violence against women and demands a legal framework to better support Moroccan Women, their health, well-being, liberty and rights.

In this context, El Amane participates in the forum aiming to improve the coordination and communication with other actors in the civil society and to emphasize the importance of associative work.

As a result of its sustained efforts in the field of advocacy, the AEDF managed to establish several partnerships and gain the support of numerous local decision-makers. Within these cooperations, El Amane brings up the issue of the prevalence of all kinds of violence against women, particularly in the quarter of Sidi Youssef Ben Ali. The discussions include talking to the institutions and actors about their role in community life and asking for suggestions and measures for how they might prevent violence against women.

These co-operations and talks were held with (among others)

  • The director of the local Health Center
  • The representative of the quarter of Sidi Youssef Ben Ali
  • The director of the AMANA Foundation (Microfinance)
  • The head of the legal department of the quarter
  • The principal and teachers of the Collège Yaakoub El Mansour
  • The principal of the primary school Moulay Ali Chrif
  • The director of the Sidi Youssef Ben Ali Youth Center
  • The director of the Entraide Nationale (public social welfare agency)

Each talk included the following subjects:

  • The assessment and preponderance of violence according to each institution in actual numbers, such as statistics about victims and types of violence
  • Causal Analysis of the violence and its circumstances and recommended solutions by each institution
  • Analysis of the individual roles and obligations of the institutions and key actors (especially the organizations and institutions which are meant to guarantee the right to security and non-violence)
  • Analysis of Capacities, especially the possible lack of resources which prevents women from claiming their recognized rights to security and non-violence and moreover the constraints that restrain the institutions to play their intended role
  • Analysis of the performance of each institution and the necessary means to improve the work in terms of governance, human and logistic resources, partnerships and communication
  • The recommendations and propositions of each actor/ institution on how to fight any sort of violence on the urban, economic, legal, political, social and cultural level

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