The AEDF regularly organizes Awareness Campaigns (Caravanes de Sensibilisation) mostly in rural areas to encourage the local women to take part in the economic, educational and social development that has recently taken place in Morocco. 

A Sensibilisation Campaign in the Atlas MountainsThe campaigns relate to different topics, some targeting a specific goal, others aimed at the global spread of information.
Often, we inform the women (and men) about the changes of the Mouddawana (Moroccan Family Code) which were introduced in 2003 but have not yet been fully implemented, particularly in remote areas.
Furthermore, the topics include information on legal processes (filing a case for divorce or violence), importance of education and the dangers of prematurely abandoning school.
We organize workshops and sensitization on the topic of violence, especially for children.
Moreover, we try to raise awareness for medical issues (breast cancer, HIV/AIDS).

The last Caravane de Sensibilisation took place on International Women's Day on March 8, 2014.

Association El Amane pour le Développement de la Femme
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