Alphabetization Courses

alphabetisationAlphabetization is a common offer in most associations for women. The AEDF is following this tradition and offers literacy courses according to the program created by the national Ministry of Education and the Directorate for the Fight against Illiteracy.

The Alphabetization Courses at El Amane take place in a classroom equipped with all necessary material and the courses are given by a certified educator.

The duration of the literacy process depends on the educational level of the women and ranges between one and two years. At the end of each school year the Directorate for the Fight against Illiteracy organizes a nation-wide evaluation for all beneficiaries of the alphabetization program.

Participating in the Alphabetization Courses of El Amane is free of charge except for an inscription fee. 

French Courses

Following the request of beneficiaries El Amane also offers French courses. The first course started in May of 2013 with 35 women and at the beginning of the following school year, 50 women were enrolled.

Today, the French Courses are given by volunteers who are able to offer five lessons at different educational levels each week. There are Literacy Courses in French as well as Grammar and Vocabulary lessons.

The participation in the French program is free for all women enrolled for vocational training at El Amane. There are French Grammar and Vocabulary Courses and French Alphabetization Courses.

Sports Program

In the quarter of Sidi Youssef Ben Ali, the possibilities for women to participate in sports activities are limited. Yet, physical exercise does not only promote a healthy lifestyle but also provides value to the professional and family life.

To allow the women of Sidi Youssef Ben Ali to do Sports, the course program of El Amane also includes Sports Courses. Several days of the week women have the possibility to train and exercise in the center of the Association. The fitness trainer Ilham gives courses that last an hour but there is also the possibility of using the facility and equipment independently.


To obtain more information about the courses, its costs and schedules please contact the association. 
You may find statistics about the number of women enrolled in the Rapports in the Download Section.

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