Despite the fact that violence against women (physical, psychological, legal violence…) is a common phenomenon in Morocco and the alarming statistics of beaten and violated women, the government has not taken any steps towards establishing a law condemning violence against women up until today.

Every day, actors of the civil society make efforts to fight this social injustice and the AEDF just like other associations contributes by offering services for women in difficult situations who arrive at the association asking for support.

In the first instance, the Listening Center of AEDF provides psychological assistance by listening to the stories of the women.

The clients feel better after their first listening session as they had the chance to openly tell their story and express their feelings.

In the following steps, AEDF enables the women to seek legal advice by collaborating with a lawyer who may even set up a legal dossier for the case.
Furthermore, victims of violence and traumatized women receive professional psychological help provided by a psychologist.
If necessary, El Amane establishes contact with other institutions that may provide assistance and offer their advanced services.

The Listening Center of the AEDF is a suitable environment for Listening Session as the premises offer a secure and private place that lets the women feel at ease and encourages them to trust our institution and allows them to tell their full stories, experience and feelings.

The personnel of the Listening center is comprised of trained Social Assistants who take the needed measures to individually support every assistance-seeking woman in the best way possible.  Moreover, the social assistants create transcripts of every session and each client is recorded in a database. The recorded details include information on the type of violence, the background of the victim and the perpetrator (if known) and their visits to the listening center.

Overall, the AEDF aims to reach the following objectives:

  • Offer psychological and legal assistance to women in difficult situations as well as accompaniment and orientation
  • To advance, implement and protect women’s rights by teaching the concepts of gender equality and social justice
  • Strengthen the capacities of women who are victims of violence.

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