IMG 2629The Association El Amane is able to offer a variety of vocational training to interested women. The courses take place in the center of the association in the quarter Sidi Youssef Ben Ali in Marrakech. Usually, the courses start in the fall and last for nine months with lessons being held each week from Monday through Thursday. After having finished vocational training, the women receive the chance to accomplish a three-month internship with a local enterprise.
At the end of their internship, all women receive a certificate for having successfully completed the vocational program of El Amane.

Apart from the regular vocational training, there is a possibility for the women to participate in free French and literacy lessons.

To obtain more information about the courses, its costs and schedules please contact the association.
You may find statistics about the number of women enrolled in the Rapports in the Download Section.

Moroccan Pastrymaking

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In the classes of instructors Fatima and Khadija, the women learn all about the art of traditional Moroccan pastry making and confectionery.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, the women are introduced to the world of creating delicious specialties such as Cornes de Gazelles, Bakhlawa or Petit Fours.

International Pastrymaking


In the International Pastrymaking Class, the women explore the world of Pâtisserie and recipes from all countries. Under the guidance of instructor Soufiane, the women learn to prepare specialties such as Tiramisu, foreign Petit Fours and Cakes of all kinds.

Moroccan Cuisine

CuisineIn the class of instructor Rashid, the women are being taught how to prepare traditional meals of the Moroccan Cuisine. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, the students cook well-known recipes like Couscous, Tajines and Moroccan Salads.


IMG 0445In the Tailoring class at El Amane, instructor Hayat teaches the women how to use a sewing machine and tells them all about the secrets and techniques of Moroccan Couture. The students learn how to manufacture intricate and elaborate pieces of Moroccan clothing like Jellabas and Kaftans.


In the Massage class, the women are being introduced to the topics of palpatory anatomy and physiology and are being trained in practical lessons how to master different massage techniques.

Coiffure and Beauty

informatiqueIn this class, instructor Said teaches the women all about the art of Coiffure and Beauty. They learn how to create different hairstyles and nail designs and how to use skin treatments.

Computer Science

In the computer science class, the students learn handling office programs, among those MS Word and Excel, under the guidance of instructor Salma.

Industrial Electricity

Instructor Fatima passes on her knowledge about the field of industrial Electricity and Cabling. The students learn how to work with electrical cabinets, control panels and electrical diagrams.

The Industrial Electricity course has not yet begun.

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