Saturday December 27, the staff of the Association El Amane met early in the morning for a day of work unlike the others. The group took a bus to a guesthouse at Sidi Ghiat, just outside Marrakech to hold a day of evaluation. The goal of this day was to reflect the work and activities of the association in 2014 and to develop a new program for the next year.

The day began with a brief presentation of the history of El Amane and an overview about all the activities of the past 12 months. In 2014, the association had to face some difficulties as the staff underwent some big changes and many new members joined the team. Yet, El Amane was able to successfully organize and host several events, such a big awareness campaign on the occasion of mars 8, a day of “open doors” at the association center, a theater day on November 25 and the participation in the Global Human Rights Forum.

Afterwards, every member had to do a self-evaluation and present his work in the past year. In group work, small teams worked on specific topics such as the national campaigning for law changement, partnerships and the reinforcement of women’s capacities on a personal level. Eventually, a plan for the advancement and development of internal work structures within the association was created as different committees formed that will each be working on a specific subject. In the evening, the group returned to Marrakech with many new ideas and a good resumé of the passing year.

The head staff is happy about the successful meeting and would like to thank the members for their hard work this year. The whole team looks forward to 2015 and all activities that are already envisioned.


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