On Saturday, February 28 the Association El Amane invited all children and their parents of the neighborhood into the buildings of the Association for an Open Day in order to spread the word about the „Cultural Café“.

The Cultural Café is a new project of the AEDF aiming to expand the offer for children and the youth. The different activities offered within the framework of the Cultural Café are supposed to playfully teach children Human Rights education at a young age.

During the Open Day, each activity included in the Cultural Café Schedule was presented to the attending children and parents, among those the Book Club, Judo, Theater, Dance and Painting.

The participants showed a great interest in the presented activities and many enrolled for one or more courses.

The team of the Cultural Café is happy about the successful day and looks forward to start working with the kids.

To obtain more information about the Cultural Café, visit the page of the Cultural Café on our website.


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