On November 27-30, the International Human Rights Forum (Forum mondial des Droits de l’Homme) took place in Marrakech and the Association El Amane had the honor to participate in this global event by presenting its work in a stand in the human rights fair at Bab Jdid

Both employees of the Association El Amane and the responsible people of the Centre d’Hébergement in Loudaya distributed information about their work and gave out brochures and business cards. As an addition, products created by the women of Sidi Youssef and Loudaya were displayed.

Deux bénévoles d'El Amane travaillent aux stand.The Centre d’Hébergement presented jewelry and crochet ware whereas the Association presented specialties of the Moroccan Pâtisserie and traditional carpets as well as objects made from palm leaves, provided by partner organizations.

The forum was a great chance for the association to connect with other organizations and to exchange ideas about the work. On Sunday, the employees and volunteers of El Amane disassembled the stand after four successful days of the forum and having made various new contacts.


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